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Sorted Wizard

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It all starts with a domain name...

So you already have a Domain Name registered with another hosting company and you want to only transfer your Domain Name to Domain Hosting, you do not want a Hosting Plan.

Follow the steps below to Transfer a domain name to us

  • Go to Transfer and insert your domain name you want to transfer in the box provided
  • Next click 'Transfer'
  • If the domain name can be transferred you will see 'Congratulations, we can transfer to us for just $0.00'
  • Next insert your 'UDAI code' which you can get from your current registrar (PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU INSERT THE CODE CORRECTLY)
  • Since you will only be transferring your domain name and not your entire website you must change the nameservers to the ones used by your current hosting provider
  • If you do not know what your nameservers are you may contact your registrar and request the nameservers or you may go to DNC and type your domain name in the search area and click 'Domain Search'. Scroll down till you see your name servers i.e.;
  • Next click 'Continue'
  • Follow the prompts until you get to 'Checkout'

Pricing works as follows:

  • $0 to transfer your domain name to us unless your domain name is due to expire within 3 months
  • If your domain name is due to expire within 3 months then you will be pre-billed a renewal fee for a further 12 months at eg. $28 (You will then have <3+12 months before your next nenewal is due. After <3+12 months you must renew your domain name again for a further 12 months at eg. $28