How to log a Managed Hosting Service Request

Domain Hosting offers 3 Managed Hosting plans. These Managed Hosting plans are essentially Cloud Hosting plans with a website management service included.

A website management service is a service whereby Domain Hosting manages general changes to the website for the Customer.

Website management is defined as:
  • adding/removing website content (text, photos, videos, URL links etc.)
  • adding/removing Plugins/Modules
  • upgrading/installing/uninstalling Plugins/Modules
  • any other minor website modifications, excluding coding (coding is priced on request)

When a Customer wants to make use of the website management service then the Customer is required to log a Service Request. This Service Request is logged using the Support ticketing system in the Client Area (see How to log a Support Ticket).

The sample table below must be populated and included in the Support Ticket Service Request. The Service Request will be accepted within 1 hour and a confirmation email will be sent to the Customer if all the information which has been provided is sufficient. If the Service Request requires additional information then our Support staff will request this information via the returned Support Ticket. We aim to complete all Service Requests within 24 hours.

 Change NZ$19.99 to NZ$29.99 for Product #7
 Medium    Delete photo with Golum, replace with Gimli
 Low         Change Contact Us mobile number to 021234567

  • Try to be as descriptive as possible regarding the details of the Service Request
  • Attach all photos/content required for the change
  • Provide all WordPress/Joomla login details
  • Provide attached screenshots if neccessary to explain the changes required
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