Manually extracting a Duplicator Pro archive

If you are using Duplicator Pro to migrate a WordPress website and you have to complete a manual extraction of the zip file then follow the steps below:

  • Clean out all files in destination directory except the installer.php and the (terminate and recreate cPanel account if you have to)
  • In host's cPanel, go to File Manager, click on the, right click and select 'extract'
  • Once the extraction is complete open a web browser and browse to the domain name you want to extract the Duplicator Pro archive in, i.e.
  • Fill out standard values on installer
  • In the advanced section, choose 'Manual Extraction'
  • Click 'Install'

NB: Do not install WordPress before completing this Duplicator Pro process. You only have to create a database, a user and link the user to the database will full privileges.

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