Unable to login to cPanel through Client Area

This article covers the issue where Customers are unable to login to cPanel through the single sign-on in their Client Area. 

When attempting to Login to cPanel from within the Client Area the following error message is produced:

  • Action Failed: Unable to auto-login. Please contact support

There may be multiple reasons for this:

1. The login details in WHMCS Setup > Products and Services > Servers > Edit are incorrect.

- Insert correct login details and Test Connection

2. The outgoing port 2083 is blocked on your server firewall.

3. The Server setting in 'Products/Services' tab in Client Profile in whmcs is not set to the correct server. Select the correct server in the dropdown here (only admin can fix this. please open a support ticket)

: Whenever the WHMCS password is changed the password in (1) above also needs to be changed.

  • unable to login to cpanel through client area, Action Failed: Unable to auto-login. Please contact support
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