How to log into your cPanel account

There are two ways in which Customers can login to their cPanel accounts:

  1. Through the Client Area
  2. Directly into cPanel

1. Through Client Area
  • Login to your Client Area by clicking on Client Area
  • Enter the details you used when registering your account with Domain Hosting (the username is your email address you used when you registered)
  • If you have forgotten your password then click ‘Reset Password
  • In the menu bar click on <Services> - <My Services>
  • Click on the green   Active   box on the right hand side in the 'Status' column
  • In the left-hand column under ‘Actions’ click on ‘Login to cPanel

2. Directly into cPanel

  • Type the following into the search engine address bar:
  • Login using the details provided in the 'New Account Information - MUST READ!!' email that was sent out when you registered with Domain Hosting or if we built your website for you, you will find the login details in your Website Birth Certificate

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