How to test access to your database

To test whether you are able to access your database please copy the code below, with your DATABASE NAME, USER and PASSWORD, into Notepad++ and save the file as databasetest.php under /public_html in cPanel.

Then open up a browser window and type
If the connection is successful you will receive a 'Database Connected successfully' message.

If the connection is not successful you will receive a 'Could not connect the database : Username or password incorrect' message. When this happens you must double check your DATABASE NAME, USER and PASSWORD. We recommend you change the password in cPanel first and test again. If still not successful then you must check that you have added the USER to the DATABSE in cPanel with full access rights (all boxes ticked).

mysql_connect('localhost', 'your_db_user', 'your_db_password') or die('Could not connect the database : Username or password incorrect');
mysql_select_db('your_db_name') or die ('No database found');
echo 'Database Connected successfully';

Remember to delete the databasetest.php file under /public_html
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