How to change your cPanel password

There are 2 reasons for a cPanel password change:

  1. Your account has been compromised
  2. You have forgotten your password

1. Your Account has been compromised

  • Log in to your cPanel at or login to cPanel through your Client Area.
  • Next click on the dropdown menu next to your account name in top right hand corner next to the notification bell
  • Click on 'Password & Security'
  • Enter your 'Old Password'.
  • Enter a 'New Password' and confirm it again. Please ensure your password is strong and memorable. To create a random secure password, use the 'Password Generator' provided.
  • Click the 'Change your password now!' button


2. You have forgotten your cPanel password

  • There is no reason to change you cPanel password since you can Login to cPanel through your Client Area
  • However if you would like your forgotten cPanel password changed please follow the instructions in (1) above (login to cPanel through your Client Area)
  • change cpanel password
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