Getting started with Divi & WooCommerce

To sell products on your WordPress website, you’ll need a stable, dependable e-commerce plugin. WooCommerce has dominated the field, and understandably so. With its powerful built-in features and range of optional extensions, it offers plenty to all would-be online store owners. Combine this plugin with the power of Divi, and you can ... Read More »

20th Feb 2017
Review Domain Hosting services

Please take a minute and provide a fair review of our services at

19th Feb 2017
Fade out text with Divi Builder

If you would like to add that special touch to a post then learn how to fade out text with Divi Builder

15th Feb 2017
Website editing tips and tricks

If you are building your own website then here are some helpful editing tips and tricks provided by Elegant Themes (our preferred WordPress website builder)

13th Feb 2017
Add a Favicon to your WebBuilderPro website

If you are using our WebBuilderPro website builder and you would like to add your websites Favicon then login to WebBuilderPro and follow the steps shown in the screenshots below.

Step 1:

 Favicon step 1


Step 2:

 favicon step 2

Now upload your Favicon.

11th Feb 2017
Colour Palettes for websites

Have you ever struggled with selecting the right colours for your new website, well you are not alone.

Colourlovers provides thousands of colour palettes for you to choose from. Simply find the palette that you like, click on it and scroll down to the HEX values and copy and paste the values into your website builder.

10th Feb 2017
Set Up and Operate Live Chat With WordPress

If you a running a Customer faced business then it is vitally important for your Customers to be able to get hold of you instantaneously.

The article at live-chat-with-wordpress provides a step-by-step guide to configure a Live Chat plugin on your WordPress site.

8th Feb 2017
How to Style a Beautiful Pricing Table in Divi

Pricing tables are vitally important and Divi Builder WordPress website builder does it beautifully!
See How to Style a Beautiful Pricing Table in Divi on how to do this with Divi Builder.

2nd Feb 2017
WebBuilderPro launches Google Calendar plugin

We are pleased to announce the release of Google Calendar pluging for WebBuilderPro. Customers may access the plugin in the Advanced section of WebBuilderPro.
google calendar

2nd Feb 2017
Download a Free Divi Landing Page Layout Kit

Christmas has come early for all our WordPress Hosting Plan Customers. Elegant Themes have released a FREE Divi Theme landing page kit. Follow the link Free Divi Landing Page Layout Kit to download the kit as well as view instructions on how to install and use the kit.

1st Feb 2017