All the Domain Hosting servers have a Config Server Firewall installed in order to prevent hackers from hacking our servers and our Customers accounts. An IP address is blacklisted for 3600 sec after 5 invalid login attempts into an email or cPanel account, 3 of these attempts creates a permanent ban. When this happens you will not be able to access our website/servers. We urge you to please send an email to to unblock your IP.

Our firewall is not installed to frustrate our Customers, on the contrary, it is there to secure and protect our Customers websites/accounts. Our servers block thousands of invalid login attempts, mostly brute force attempts from hackers. Without the firewall a brute force attack is likely to succeed and our Customers accounts will be compromised.

There are several stories out there where websites have been hacked and accounts have been held to ransom. Domain Hosting has never lost an account due to hackers and we keep weekly backups of all our accounts.

The general rule is that once you have 3 failed login attempts then the chances are good that your login details are incorrect. We urge you to then start a Live Chat with our support team in order to resolve the login problems.


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

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